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Asthma Education

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Asthma related incidence and death rates have been growing at an alarming rate. Schools are challenged to manage and support students each day. In an effort to help students, parents, and school staff, Respiratory Care professionals from Johnson Memorial Hospital, Community Health Network, St. Francis Hospital and Health Centers, and American Health Network are available to present workshops and share their expertise on such topics as:

  • Asthma action plans for students
  • Environmental safeguards
  • Medication policy and student needs
  • Physical education and exercise
  • Indoor air quality


Request an Asthma Program 

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Asthma Program Brochure

Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease that affects over half a million children and adults living in Indiana. 

Poor air quality can trigger asthma attacks.

Click on the link above to find local air quality conditions and forecasts. 

The Johnson County Asthma Coalition provides free Asthma Education Programs for school classrooms, staff, parents, coaches; businesses and child care centers.

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Description of Free Asthma Programs

What is Asthma? (Grades 5-12)

This workshop is for all students with or without asthma in grades 5-12. It is a fun, interactive program that is perfect for Health and Science classes. It will:

  • Define "what is asthma?"
  • Provide a visual learning approach to understanding lung function by demonstration of a big lung dissection (most kids love this!)
  • Identify common triggers of asthma attacks
  • Teach how to recognize warning signs of an attack

Asthma, Be in Charge (Grades K-college)

This workshop is for asthmatic students only and will teach them:

  • How to manage their asthma at school
  • How to respond to an asthma emergency
  • The correct way to take metered-dose inhalers and how to use peak flow meters
  • (For younger students upon request) This workshop can provide "Radical Randy" the MediKin (doll) with asthma as a teaching aid to accelerate learning among younger children with asthma

Open Airways (Students 8-11 years old)

This fun and interactive intervention was developed by the American Lung Association to help young people with asthma develop self-management skills. Students have the opportunity to meet in a small group with a respiratory thearapist facilitator. Each group consist of 4-8 children with asthma. The program has been shown to reduce absenteeism for children with ashtma in national studies.

School Staff Workshop (Nurses, Teachers, Coaches, Bus Drivers, Office Staff)

This workshop equips all school staff with information on:

  • Early warning signs of an asthma attack
  • Appropriate action to take during an attack
  • How to reduce classroom triggers
  • How to help students manage their asthma at school

Parents as Asthma Managers

This workshop can be offered during a Parent/Teacher Group meeting and assists families living with asthma by:

  • Teaching the "A-B-C's" of asthma management
  • Improving communication between families, medical staff, and school staff
  • Helping parents ask the right questions of their physicians and other medical staff

Free Business Lunch and Learn

Through employee education and disease mangement, asthma's effects can be minimized. Respiratory therapists are available to come to the workplace to teach employees ways to manage asthma at work and home. Employees will learn:

  • How to recognize early signs of an asthma attack
  • The importance of medication regimes
  • How to avoid allergens and other factors that aggravate the condition

Child Care Staff Provider Education

Asthma is Indiana's leading chronic disease among children.  Respiratory Therapists are available to provide free 1-hour education programs at childcare centers/preschools to educate caregivers and staff to:

  • understand "what is asthma" and recognize early warning signs of an asthma attack
  • identify and reduce common triggers
  • know what important actons or emergency procedures to take when a child has an asthma attack
  • create an asthma management plan between staff, medical staff and families
  • evaluate the need for asthma medical equipment and education materials and provide if available

 Following the program, your center/preschool will receive a certificate of completion.

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