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General Tobacco

PLEASE NOTE:  At this time, we can loan these materials only to individuals and organizations providing education to Johnson County, Indiana residents, employees, and patients.  All items must be picked up directly from the Partnership office unless prior arrangements are made.

LENDING LIBRARY:  Tobacco Resources


What's Up with E-Cigarettes?

Teens use of e-cigarette and other electronic vaping devices has skyrocketed. Kids think e-cigarettes are a "safe" alternative to smoking. This program gives students the facts and urges extreme caution. V iewers learn the truth about nicotine addiction and its impact o health. They will understand that the supposedly "safe" water vapor contains other harmful checmicals as well.


VAPING: More Dangerous Than you Think

This video and print curriculum addresses the new craze of vaping drugs (nicotine, alcohol, liquid marijuana and others). Through interviews with teen users and medical professionals, this program clearly demonstrates the serious health risks of vaping, including risk of swallowing liquid nicotine which has put hundreds of teens into ERs.

Women and Tobacco: Seven Deadly Myths
Model and former smoker Christy Turlington gets out the message that smoking is ugly. Smoking takes a deadly toll on women and the people they love. Lung cancer already claims the lives of many more women each year than breast cancer, uterine cancer and ovarian cancer combined, and deaths from lung cancer are on the rise. Women between the ages of 18 and 34 are prime targets for the tobacco industry, which spends billions of dollars every year on advertising that makes smoking cigarettes look fun, sexy, and inviting. This video explores the myths about smoking and empowers women to become or stay smoke-free. 17 minutes. Grades 6-12.
Secrets Through the Smoke
Dr. Jeffrey S. Wigand, subject of the Academy Award-nominated film The Insider, achieved national prominence in 1995 when he became the tobacco industry's highest-ranking former executive to publicly acknowledge the devastating effects of smoking on health.  Secrets Through The Smoke is a 55-minute, educational video for middle and high school students as well as adults. The video, directed by Jeremy London, (Party of Five, I'll Fly Away, Mall Rats) and hosted by Giselle Fernandez (Access Hollywood, Dancing with the Stars), will share Dr. Wigand's story and provide firsthand information about the tobacco industry's manipulation and obfuscation of the truth.  Many celebrities volunteered their services for this video including Christy Turlington, Rosie O'Donnell, and Eagle-Eye Cherry, who donated the theme song, "Rainbow Wings". 
Smoking Out the Truth: Teens and Tobacco

Award Winner! Focusing on the illusions and misconceptions surrounding teen smoking, this award-winning program exposes the faulty reasoning that leads young people to start or continue smoking. Offers motives and strategies to quit or abstain and features myth-busting classroom presentations. Includes viewable/printable teacher's guide. Grades 7-12. 24 minutes.

The Totally Disgusting Tobacco Gross-Out Video

This program covers the most disgusting consequences of smoking. Includes images of hairy tongues, cancerous tumors, oozing tar, and more. Comes with pre- and post-tests and a 44-page teacher's resource book with student handouts. Grades 5-9. 18 minutes.

Tobacco and Death: Perfect Together

With graphic images of the devastation caused by tobacco, this program delivers a powerful no-tobacco message that young people will never forget. Viewers meet smokers dying from heart disease, lung cancer, and head and neck cancer and learn that tobacco can kill even young adults. Covers smoking, smokeless tobacco, and secondhand smoke. Grade 7-Adult. 28 minutes.


I Can’t Breathe: A Smoker’s Story

This 20-minute closed captioned video, coupled with a moderator's guide, is designed to help lead classroom discussions with students about the consequences of cigarette smoking. The DVD was created for young people aged 11 to 14 years.


Smoking: Don’t Get Burned Folding Display Award Winner! 

Teen-oriented graphics and language help young viewers understand that smoking can have negative-and immediate- effects on their health and appearance. This sturdy folding display identifies the risks of tobacco use and explains that cigarette "alternatives" such as clove cigarettes and smokeless tobacco are not safe choices, either. 58" x 22 ½" opened.



Tobacco World

Designed for middle school students, this CD-ROM contains interactive tobacco prevention activities. Each of the nine activities takes 5-12 minutes to play and is reinforced with an exit quiz. Addresses misconceptions about tobacco use, short and long-term consequences, and the power of nicotine addiction. Includes 48-page user's guide and 35 disks. Grades 6-8.


Curriculum in a Box:  Tobacco

Suitable for grades 7-12, Curriculum in a Box: Tobacco is a comprehensive video and print resource that approaches tobacco education from four key perspectives. The specific goals of the curriculum are:

  1. to prevent teens from experimenting with cigarettes, chewing tobacco, or any new forms of tobacco
  2. to remind teens that they have the power to resist being swayed by the marketing strategies of tobacco companies
  3. to provide teens with crucial refusal skills that they can use among their peers
  4. to educate those students who are currently using tobacco products so that they are better able to fight their addictions

Six hard-hitting videos, two PowerPoint presentations and a wealth of supplementary print materials will present the facts about tobacco to your students in a clear and dynamic way. Students will take away new information and compelling ideas about all forms of tobacco- cigarettes, herbal cigarettes, snus, spit tobacco, spitless tobacco, and more.


Interactive Tools


Giant Plastic Inflatable Cigarette

Perfect for classroom or exhibits. This inflatable plastic cigarette is five feet tall, and represents the amount of tobacco smoked in one year by a person with a pack-a-day habit. A partial list of poisons in cigarette smoke is listed on the back, plus nicotine and tar content by brand.

Smaller Plastic Inflatable Cigarette

Contains a number of facts about tobacco, nicotine and the health consequences of smoking

Tar Jar

This graphic, sealed exhibit, which contains a pack of cigarettes and cigarette butts submerged in gooey tar, represents the amount of carcinogenic liquid one-pack-a-day smokers put into their lungs in a year’s time.

Teeth in Tobacco Juice

The teeth sitting in this jar of dark brown fluid represent a smokeless tobacco user's teeth after dipping or chewing over a period of time. Notice the darkened and decayed teeth and the damaged gums.

Tobacco Ingredients

The toxic chemicals found in tobacco smoke are more easily remembered by associating them with common-and grossly unappealing- substances. This eye-catching, Plexiglas, 3-D display resembles a cigarette yet allows viewers to see what ís really inside tobacco smoke. Comes with a two-sided tent card that can be used with adults or children. Display measures 24 ¾" x 3½".

Smoking Prevention Bingo

Sixteen large, laminated bingo cards address five important topics: why kids smoke, its effects, tobacco facts, ways to say "no," and smoking prevention activities. Game includes: sixteen 8" by 10" laminated bingo cards, five sets of calling cards with 15 cards in each set, bingo chips, one facilitator's instruction sheet, and one smoking prevention resource guide. Grades 7-12.

Lou-Wheeze Smokers Lungs Comparison Model

Viewers get a shocking picture of smoking-related lung damage with this interactive display. Lou-Wheeze has two flexible latex lung models. One represents a healthy lung, and the other depicts the damage done by emphysema and cancer. The attached pump inflates the healthy lung as normal, but the diseased lung inflates sluggishly and fails to deflate completely between "breaths." Comes with bellows pump and instructions. 17" x 23½".  

Smokey Sue

When Smokey Sue's bulb is pumped, tar collects in the tube placed where her "lungs" would be. The tube can be passed around for an effective lesson. Comes with five collection tubes and carrying case. 6" x 14" x 6½".

Mechanical Smoker

This small, hand-held model actually smokes a cigarette and collects tar on a photo of a real chest X-ray of a lung cancer victim. Stained prints fit into plastic bags, keeping stains intact when they are passed around for closer inspection.

Clever Catch Ball

This inflatable ball helps players "catch" the truth about tobacco. The surface of the ball features 75 questions related to the dangers of tobacco. Comes with instructions and answer sheet. Grades 4-8. 16" diameter.

The World's Most Disgusting Smell

This fun display counts down the most rotten smells imaginable and then allows viewers to smell the worst, foulest, nastiest smell of all: tobacco smoke. Reminds viewers that the rancid smell of tobacco smoke (full of formaldehyde, benzene, and other poisonous chemicals) is absorbed into the hair, clothes, and skin of smokers. 7" diameter.

Ciggy Buttz Inflatable Punching Bag

You can punch the tar out of Ciggy. You know you want to – so now’s your chance. This inflatable punching bag is 4 feet tall and can take a punch. Blow him up, fill the bottom base with water and give him a punch. Tobacco facts are printed on his backside and are a constant reminder on why to punch out the evils of tobacco.

The Partnership for a Healthier Johnson County Tobacco Control Action Team is proudly funded by a grant from Indiana Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Council. 

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