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Mobilizing the community...Maximizing the resources

Walks Across Johnson Co


Partnership for a Healthier Johnson County and Purdue Extension invite individuals and groups to participate in Walks Across Johnson County!   

Because walking is an affordable physical activity for people of all ages, and helps to manage weight and lower risk of heart disease, we invite you to put on your walking shoes and register to walk 16 miles any time, any place during one week, Oct. 2 - 8, 2016.


You may use this Daily Activity Log to keep track of the miles you walk. 

When the 8 days are complete, report your miles (even if you don't do the entire 16 miles) to Partnership by Oct.16, 2016. 


We want to hear about your success too!  When you report your miles, tell us how Walks Across Johnson County motivated you to get healthier and more fit!

Please print and share this Walks Across Johnson County 2016 flyer with others.

Check out the comments below from last year's Walks Across Johnson County Campaign:

"It was pretty awesome to see that my efforts to walk as much as possible added up so much!  Thank you for the program.  The spring in my step is wonderful"

"Walking outdoors in the fall is very invigorating.  I also did two hours of step aerobics during the week"

"It was fun walking different areas.  I walked around the fairgrounds, inside at the rec center, walked the trails, and walked a country road. Thanks for the challenge"

"Had a great time walking and connecting with my friend.  We walked in a 2-mile parade, a few different trails and played racquetball"