Maternal and Child Health

Our Goal

To improve the health and well-being of women, infants, children and families. 

Our Objectives

  • To provide the community with access to early prenatal care 
  • To reduce maternal smoking   
  • To promote and facilitate breastfeeding and the Safe Sleep message  
  • To reduce violence against infants through community education programs 
  • To provide care to pregnant inmates at the Johnson County Jail that promotes optimal health for mother and baby  
  • To increase access to resources needed for growing families

Current Projects

The Maternal and Child Health Team is working on some of the projects listed below. We are always looking for new ideas and volunteers to be a part of our team, so if you are interested please contact us. See Calendar for meeting details. 

Breastfeeding Awareness

The promotion of breastfeeding support in the community is one of our goals. We have designed a breastfeeding-friendly window decal that is meant to be placed on an organization’s front entrance window/door. This helps identify that they are either a place that supports nursing employees and/or provides a comfortable place for moms and babies to nurse. Contact Tracy, the MCH chair, if you would like a decal for your organization.

We also provide social media recognition for those businesses in the community that provide supportive breastfeeding/pumping policies for when a mom goes back into the workforce as well as being a resource for businesses that are interested in establishing breastfeeding-friendly policies.

To provide further breastfeeding support, in recent years we have provided a private and calm lactation area dedicated to nursing and/or pumping mothers at the Johnson County Fair. We intend to continue to branch out and work with organizations to provide the same type of lactation space at local festivals or community events. If you are interested in learning more or supporting these efforts contact Tracy, the MCH chair.


Diaper Drive

Hosting diaper drives events will help increase access to diapers for those in need. We have created a virtual diaper drive Amazon Wish-list for diapers and wipes to make it easy for individuals to purchase. The products will be sent directly to Indiana Diaper Source & Baby Boutique. This organization helps all zip codes and has the same location as the Great Harvest Food Pantry. During the pandemic, they will continue to have diaper drives through services to help families. Please see their website for updated days and times.

Increased Referrals

Promotion of community programs. We desire to reach any prenatal woman whom is pregnant and smoking or who smoked three months prior to current pregnancy. The Baby and Me Tobacco free program is non-income based and helps women stop smoking or remain smoke free, but we need more people in the community to know about the program by increasing referrals from all community partners. Please see Baby & Me Tobacco Free program on our page for more information.

Resource Binders

We have assembled a community resource binder to help create awareness of programs and resources that are available to assist the families in Johnson County and surrounding areas. Designated organizations such as food pantries, health care clinics, in-home visiting and counseling programs, as well as the Johnson County Jail are among the few that benefit from these hands on materials. Please contact Tracy, the MCH chair, if you are interested in a binder for your organization.

We will are also partnering with Aunt Bertha, the social care network for additional resources beyond what is provided in the binder.

Safe Haven Baby Box

We are currently in the process of supporting fundraising efforts to have a Safe Haven Baby Box installed at Fire Station #22 in Franklin, Indiana. These life-saving boxes cost approximately $15,000. For more information on the baby box, visit their website which also lists locations of boxes in Indiana. The only baby box in Johnson County is located at Fire Station #53 at 366 North Morgantown Road, Greenwood, Indiana. If your organization is interested in fundraising or making a donation please contact Tracy, the MCH chair.


Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of women, infants, children and families.  The programs listed below are ways we are striving to support our mission in the community. 

Baby & Me Tobacco Free

Baby & Me Tobacco Free is a free, non-income evidenced-based program for pregnant women who are ready to quit smoking or who quit smoking three months prior to pregnancy. By committing to quit or stay smoke free, a mother can earn diaper/wipe vouchers that can be used in stores.

To Enroll in the Baby & Me Tobacco Free Program
Commit to quit smoking during pregnancy and staying quit after delivery.
If you were a smoker before you were pregnant, you may qualify.
Attend at least 3 brief prenatal quit smoking sessions during pregnancy.
Take a simple breath test at each visit to prove you are smoke free.
After initial enrollment on the 3rd prenatal session, you can start receiving a $25.00 voucher for FREE DIAPERS and/or WIPES during pregnancy and up to 12 months after your baby is born.
A smoker who lives with the pregnant woman can also enroll into the program and if successfully quits smoking, may also receive diaper vouchers during the postpartum period.

Johnson County WIC
600 Ironwood Drive, Suite I
Franklin, IN 46131

Car Seat Safety

Since May of 2019 we have increased the number of car seat safety technicians in Johnson County. These technicians have the skills to inspect car seats and refer to the local car seat program in the area (please see car seat programs on our page) for those those in need of a new seat and a lack of resources to purchase one. We are actively seeking funding to purchase car seats so that the technicians located at the Johnson County Health Department and Johnson County WIC office can also provide a car seat, if needed.

For Financial Hardships / Free Inspections

Franklin City Police Department
2801 North Morton Street
Joe Dillon 317.736.3670

White River Township Fire Department
850 South Mullinix Road
Craig Zollars 317.888.8337

Children’s Bureau 317.535.3326

Franciscan Health Indianapolis 317.528.5774

Free Inspections by Appointment Only

Johnson County Health Department 317.346.4365

Johnson County WIC 317.736.6628

Local Car Seat Programs and Inspection Sites

Great Expectations

Great Expectations is a free childbirth education program held quarterly by Johnson Memorial Hospital’s Women’s Care Specialists and Maternity Care Services. Pregnant moms are given the opportunity to interact with other women and pediatric providers at sessions designed for their current stage of pregnancy. Participants are not restricted to receiving care at Johnson Memorial Hospital. Registration is required.


Learn More

Safe Sleep Cribs

If your baby does not have a safe place to sleep, contact:

Family Services and Prevention Programs – Johnson County Healthy Families Program
360 South Madison Avenue, Suite 100
Greenwood, IN 46142

39 Weeks Campaign

Healthy babies are worth the wait. If your pregnancy is healthy, it’s best to stay pregnant for at least 39 weeks.

Learn More


Team Chair

Tracy Smith, RD, IBCLC
Johnson County WIC Coordinator
Baby & Me Tobacco Free Administrator


Cindy Boughton
Johnson County WIC Program

Lisa Brown
Johnson County Health Department

Carey Frazier

Jeffrey Galbraith

Cassie Hawkins
Human Services (Head Start/ Early Head Start)

Mandi Harmon
Johnson Memorial Health

Stephanie King
Healthy Families

Billie Morton
Covering Kids and Families

Dr. Veronica Mosier
Windrose Health

Erin Neu
Franciscan Alliance

Melissa Rojas
Great Harvest Food Pantry and Indy Diaper Source

Kathy Robertson
Johnson County WIC Program

Bill Rosien
ASSIST Indiana

Clarie Russell
Nurse Family Partnership

Ashley Smith
Turning Point

Katie Sparks
Beats for Bristol

Anna Vallow
Indy Birth Services

Sarah Ward
Windrose Health Network

Laura Wiles
Healthy Families

Claire Winship
Children’s Bureau

Cheryl Yazell
Community South Hospital


For more information about our Partnership Action Teams, contact us.

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