Tobacco Free

Our Goal

To lower smoking and nicotine addiction rates and protect residents from secondhand smoke.

Our Objectives

  • To monitor tobacco targeting of youth in retail shops
  • To audit tobacco marketing
  • To assist health care institutions, businesses, county and municipal governments and housing sectors establish smoke-free policies
  • To assist health care providers, businesses, schools and organizations with tools to help their patients, employees, students, and clients quit smoking
  • To give Johnson County elementary students an early foundation of the harms of tobacco products through Young Lungs, Smokebusters and Tar Wars classes
  • To provide education on emerging tobacco products, trends and state and national policies


Baby & Me Tobacco Free 

Baby & Me Tobacco Free is a free, non-income evidenced-based program for pregnant women who are ready to quit smoking or who quit smoking three months prior to pregnancy.  By committing to quit or stay smoke free, a mother can earn diaper/wipe vouchers that can be used in stores.

To Enroll in the Baby & Me Tobacco Free Program
Commit to quit smoking during pregnancy and staying quit after delivery.
If you were a smoker before you were pregnant, you may qualify.
Attend at least 3 brief prenatal quit smoking sessions during pregnancy.
Take a simple breath test at each visit to prove you are smoke free.
After initial enrollment on the 3rd prenatal session, you can start receiving a $25.00 voucher for FREE DIAPERS and/or WIPES during pregnancy and up to 12 months after your baby is born.
A smoker who lives with the pregnant woman can also enroll into the program and if successfully quits smoking, may also receive diaper vouchers during the postpartum period.

Johnson County WIC
600 Ironwood Drive, Suite I
Franklin, IN 46131  

Tobacco/Vaping Education Program  

Our tobacco and vaping education programs give Johnson County elementary students an early foundation of the harms of tobacco products.  

Young Lungs – 1st Grade
SmokeBusters – 3rd Grade 
Tar Wars – 4th and 5th Grade
Middle and High School 

Please contact us to request an education program or our services and materials for your health, wellness, community and school fairs.  

Tobacco Lending Library

Our lending library contains educational videos, interactive displays, and games. At this time, we can loan these materials only to individuals and organizations providing education to Johnson County, Indiana residents, employees, and patients. All items must be picked up directly from the Partnership office unless prior arrangements have been made. 


– What’s Up with E-Cigarettes?
– VAPING: More Dangerous Than You Think
– Women and Tobacco: Seven Deadly Myths
– Secrets Through the Smoke
– Smoking Out the Truth: Teens and Tobacco
– The Totally Disgusting Tobacco Gross-Out Video
– Tobacco and Death: Perfect Together
– I Can’t Breathe: A Smoker’s Story

Smoking: Don’t Get Burned Folding Display Award Winner!

Folding display that identifies the risks of tobacco use and addresses cigarette “alternatives.” Uses teen-oriented graphics and language. 58″ x 22 ½” opened.

Tobacco World

This CD-ROM contains nine interactive tobacco prevention activities. Addresses misconceptions about tobacco use, short and long-term consequences, and the power of nicotine addiction. Includes 48-page user’s guide and 35 disks. Grades 6-8.

Curriculum in a Box: Tobacco

Comprehensive video and print resource that approaches tobacco education from four key perspectives. Material covers all forms of tobacco – cigarettes, herbal cigarettes, snus, spit tobacco, spitless tobacco, and more. Grades 7-12.

Interactive Tools

– Giant Plastic Inflatable Cigarette
– Smaller Plastic Inflatable Cigarette
– Tar Jar
– Teeth in Tobacco Juice
– Tobacco Ingredients
– Smoking Prevention Bingo
– Lou-Wheeze Smokers Lungs Comparison Model
– Smokey Sue
– Mechanical Smoker
– Clever Catch Ball
– The World’s Most Disgusting Smell
– Ciggy Buttz Inflatable Punching Bag


Team Chair
Bob Smith
Johnson County Health Department

Leslie Lux Baute
Community Member

Miranda Broomfield
Empower Johnson County

Danielle Dennis
Purdue Extension, Johnson County

SaraBeth Drybread
Edinburgh Community Center

Linda Ruskowski
Community Health Network

Shalonda “Nicki” Gilbert
MD Wise

Richard Huber, MD 
Johnson Memorial Health

Michelle McMahon
Empower Johnson County

Dana Monson
Johnson County Development Corporation 

Donald Peek, Jr.
U.S. Army Retired

Tracy Smith
Johnson County WIC 

Doreen St. Clair
Franklin College Professor Emeritus

Nancy Voris
Johnson County Tobacco Program Coordinator

Sarah Ward
Community Health Network South

Eileen Williams
Partnership for a Healthier Johnson County


For more information about our Partnership Action Teams, contact us.

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